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Logo; The stretched and opened arms of the society depict the Organisation’s mission to engage, embrace, assist and accompany disadvantaged and differentiated groups. The organisation seeks to catalyse a movement in encouraging the Kampung spirit of looking out for one another by identifying the socially challenged and bridging them to opportunities and relief, through compassion and community networks.

About Us

Kampung Bridge is a non-profit orgaisation dedicated to providing ex-convicts with opportunity to start a new life and assist those in need. Our mission and vision is to provide ex-convicts with support and guidance they need to return to society. We understand the importance of giving back to the community, but the bond that is formed during the event provides these individuals with a sense of love and affection that strengthens our bonds. We have seen this before and understand the need for people like us to help individuals become better people.


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A Gracious, Giving and Forgiving Society



To facilitate resilience and reintegration of disadvantages or differentiated communities



Social Sincerity, Spiritual Sobriety, Sustainable Stability

Camp Solat

School Holiday Program

Are you ready for a journey of growth and reflection this Ramadhan? Let's kickstart Ramadhan with the Beneficiaries at Camp Solat 2.0! Join us as we present the guest speaker on 10th March 2024, 1:30pm at Masjid Omar Salmah #CampSolat 2.0

Article "Camp Solat"

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    Camp Solat 22-23 Dec

    "Sebelum ini saya tidak tahu apa-apa yang wajib. Saya buat sahaja. Tapi sekarang saya sudah tahu insyaAllah solat saya semua tidak batal. Sekarang sudah tahu benda betul-betul ini boleh ajar kawan-kawan yang tidak tahu. "
    Peserta, Camp Solat


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